Custom Innovation Accelerators

Custom Innovation Accelerators 2018-04-04T11:22:26-05:00

Get Innovation Efforts Moving

An accelerator is an 8-week innovation project that is structured to maximize learning while simultaneously achieving business outcomes within 8-weeks. If your company has an innovation effort that is stuck or slow moving, we can create a custom accelerator that will get the job done.

Accelerate innovation opportunity funnel

Have you already identified a number of potential innovation opportunities? An accelerator will help your team determine which ones to pursue.

Accelerate a company innovation system

A shared best practice for innovation throughout the company is essential. An accelerator will help your company get there faster.

Accelerate educational media production

Produce engaging media for educational programs. The studio comes to you – Chroma key virtual sets, motion graphics and more.

Accelerate an educational program

Educational programs are a critical resource for innovation teams. We collaborate with companies to develop programs that work