Value Enhancement Accelerator

Increase customer demand for an existing product/service

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Learning + Results

The VE accelerator is a project-based learning experience that identifies ways to significantly increase customer demand and profitability for an existing product/service. Over 8 weeks, an employee team moves through a structured project, learning as they go via our online Praxis System. We facilitate a number of full-day working sessions with the team. Result: a big increase in skills/abilities AND a ready-to-go innovation project. Now that’s ROI!


We collaborate with the team via a number Web meetings to –

  • Scope project & available data

  • Create innovation strategy & plan

  • Assess innovation capabilities

Online learning via the Praxis KS prepares team for working phase –


Job-based Segmentation, Progress Map, Customer Value Metrics

Customers are segmented on the “job” they are trying to get done. A map is created that shows the steps they must accomplish to get the job done successfully. Customer value metrics are then captured for the job steps.

Value Target Analysis

Customer value metrics are rated by customers for importance & satisfaction revealing the value targets for the product/service. The Praxis Knowledge System enables a team to learn throughout the working phase.


With value targets in hand, strategies are identified that will increase customer value while reducing the cost structure of the product/service. The team makes the case to management to approve the project.

Results summary –

  • Increased innovation skills/abilities that will continue to pay off

  • An ready-to-go value lift project for a current product/service