Value Innovation Accelerator

Identify a lucrative new product/service

Value Innovation Accelerator 2018-04-04T11:21:30-05:00

Learning + Results

The VI accelerator is a project-based learning experience that results in the discovery of a lucrative new product/service.  Over 8 weeks, an employee team moves through a structured project, learning as they go via our Praxis Knowledge System. We facilitate a number of full-day working sessions with the team; the team works independently between these sessions. End result: a big increase in skills/abilities AND a ready-to-go innovation project. Now that’s ROI!


We collaborate with the team via a number of Web meetings to –

  • Scope project & available data

  • Create innovation strategy & plan

  • Assess innovation capabilities

Online learning via the Praxis System prepares team for working phase –


Identify a Lucrative New Product or Service Opportunity

The team identifies a customer job that customers are struggling to get done with current solutions and one that the company, with their resources and capabilities, can help customers get done 2x+ better.

Verify Lucrative Opportunity

Once a lucrative new product/service opportunity has been identified, the team verifies the opportunity using the rigor of the AVID methodology. The Praxis Knowledge System facilitates learning throughout the project.


The team presents the new product/service opportunity to management. A rigorous case is made to move forward — unmet customer needs, a compelling value proposition, and a profitable business model.

Results summary –

  • Increased innovation skills/abilities that will continue to pay off

  • An ready-to-go project to create a lucrative new product/service